winter-crash-635x360Here comes the snow! Along with the slippery streets and reckless drivers. As a result, many of you will get in the eventual “fender bender.” Hopefully, that will be all it is, a little bit of property damage. But unfortunately, some of those accidents are much more serious. When you are involved in one of those accidents here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure to notify the police if the damages appear to be more than $500 or if anyone may be hurt.
  2. If you are injured get into a doctor as soon as possible, if you don’t document your injury the insurance company will claim there was “no injury”. Keep in mind that even “low impact” accidents can cause serious damage to your body.
  3. Take photos of the damage to the car as well as damage to yourself.
  4. Remember, you do not need to give a statement to the other driver or that person’s insurance carrier.
  5. You do need to give a statement to your own insurance carrier, failure to cooperate with your own carrier can “void” your policy.
  6. Call a lawyer if you have any injury. Many accidents are not appropriate for a personal injury claim, but some are! Initial consults on personal injury cases with an attorney are almost always free. If some attorney tried to get you to pay for an initial consult, look for another lawyer.
  7. If you are injured by someone else’s bad driving and are offered a quick settlement say “NO”. No insurance company is looking to be your friend. If they are offering some money right away its almost certain that the claim is worth a lot more than they are offering.
  8. Some insurance companies will try and deflect the claim with the statement “no one is at fault; it was snow or ice.” That is almost never the case. Call a lawyer.

One final thought, if you are the passenger in any vehicle, even if your spouse, parent or sibling is driving, you still have a claim!! Remember, you are not suing your friend or relative but the insurance company. That is why you have insurance in the first place.

If you have any questions you can always call Daniels & McAvoy, where the initial consult on a personal injury case is always free.

Safe Drive & Merry Christmas ( we love Christmas around here)

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