To Christmas Party or not?  When I was the top Legal Advisor for a large command while serving in the Army I inevitably got the chance to field dozens of questions concerning the Command’s decision to throw a “Christmas Party,” from what to call it, to can we have...

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Winter Driving Accidents

Here comes the snow! Along with the slippery streets and reckless drivers. As a result, many of you will get in the eventual “fender bender.” Hopefully, that will be all it is, a little bit of property damage. But unfortunately, some of those accidents are much more serious. When you are involved in one of those accidents here are a few things to keep in mind.

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July 4th

Daniels & MacAvoy will be close on Monday, July 4th. Enjoy the time with you families, and God Bless...

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Personal Injury

John McAvoy, partner and owner of Daniels & McAvoy, SC, has decided to guest blog for this week! He primarily works on all of our Personal Injury cases along with other general practice areas. He is our go to guy for all PI questions and dealing with pesky insurance...

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Miracle League Golf Outing

What a beautiful day for Golf and a great cause! Last week, Daniels and Daniels partnered with The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers to raise money for the Miracle League of the Fox Valley. The Miracle League is an organized baseball league for children ages 4-19 with...

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Welcome, Attorney Tim Cody!

Daniels and Daniels is very happy to Welcome, Attorney Timothy J. Cody! Attorney Cody is a retired COL of the US Army and brings over 25 years of experience in both prosecution and defense to our growing firm. Tim is excited to get his civilian career started with...

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Home Buying Season

  The sun is finally shining and it's that time of year again! Houses are popping up on every block and maybe you are wondering how easy or difficult it could be to sell your house on your own. The answer? With a good lawyer to help you wade through the red tape of...

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Thank You!

On a daily basis, our clients are grateful that they have chosen us to represent them in a wide range of cases. We have recently received a few cards to further express their gratitude for our services! Take a look below at the two examples from Roger Glenn.   To...

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Children and Divorce

Coming to the decision and realization that your marriage is over is a difficult one. Coming to that decision when children are involved can seem overwhelming. While having a great attorney to fight for you is important, putting your children first is just as...

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Preparing for a Divorce?

You have come to the difficult decision that your marriage is over. You need to find an attorney that is going to represent YOUR best interests and fight for YOU. You may wonder what is going to happen at that first meeting. You want to be as prepared as possible!...

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